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The debut EP from the kids from middle of nowhere, Tokyolite is finally released! Mellow, funky, distorted and quirky, is the best 4 words to describe this EP. Contains 5 catchy home made tracks, this EP is truly for those who seeks a good earfood. Inspired by old mo-town grooves, blended by modern pop hooks and add some crunchy mellow riffs, or anything you might add. Check their music, and you'll know how this trio gather attention from Indonesian indie music junkies.

メロウ、ファンキー、歪み、風変わり・・・がこのEPを言い現すのには最良の4単語。5つのキャッチーなホームメイドの楽曲を含むこのEPを、素敵な音楽を探している人たちに。古いモータウンのグルーブにインスパイアされて、モダン・ポップのフックを混ぜ合わせ、ザックザクでメロウなリフに、君が加えたいあらゆる要素を携えて。彼らの音楽を聴けば、どれだけこのトリオがインドネシアのインディー・ミュージック・ジャンキーたちから注目されているかわかってもらえるだろう 。

Bilingual Japanese by Toshihiko Furukawa


"Melodies and harmonies, movies and images, funny things and everybody we met are our influences" says band manager Marteen Lu. "There is just this urge, this need to create and it takes on different shapes. Sometimes it's rough and loud and sometimes it's very quiet.
We consider ourselves to be more and more of a painter of sound. It always starts out with something easy and timid, like a simple brush stroke. Depending on the mood, we change the color and intensity of our next stroke and suddenly the whole impression of what that piece was drastically changes. We compose with layers and depth, and it's often the slightest thing that makes the whole song turn into a new direction, we didn't see coming ourselves, usually. That is part of the journey, at least for the way we write music. We never know what we will end up with, and it's usually very different from what we started out with. Sometimes we tell people that this album consists of our dreams...only we weren't waiting and then they came to us, we just did our best to get them down on the tape."

Marteen continues, "At the beginning, we really had nothing except for a vision of something vast, heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time. We didn't think in terms of music, but in terms of other things that inspired us, things that painted a picture in our head that we could see so clearly. This was in the Fall of 2011. Without any education in sound engineering or music production, we spent countless days and nights learning how to get the sounds that we could hear in our head to come out through the speakers. We did this by trial and error, reading endless forums about music production, watching tutorials and experimenting. By doing this we learned the capabilities and limitations of the studio and the gear that we could use, as well as our own as a producer. In order to achieve the sound that we had in mind, we had to pick up all these different instruments and learn how to play them. If somebody had told us one year ago that we would record an entire EP by ourselves, we wouldn't have believed them.
We are very proud of it and we can't believe it's done. This EP was about gathering the courage to launch an endeavor that was purely on our own. It was a reawakening, a rebirth, a resurrection of sorts, and a passageway into a dreamlike world that we created by ourselves...a world to get lost in...a world that gives us hope."

"Tokyolite's sound is so good. All songs is very sophisticated and sweet sound in ear, surrounded by noised guitar and vocal. This song come up with adult night, and was beat my heart. Comes with my full recommendation."
"こっちはディスコ・ファンクっぽい骨っぽさがあってかなり好み。" sabadragon.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-271.html - Sabadragon, #bandcamp_d

“Music is developing through many country’s music lover. And Tokyolite have possible to become the one of important band to advance the next stage with emotive music. Tokyolite is rock band. And they were influenced many music, not only western country’s musicians but also asian musicians. Their performance is skillful and polish. And their songs recall landscape in urban night. I’m so feel good if I listen their music with driving in Jakarta’s night. They are still follower of their favorite bands. But someday they will get their originality, and they make their followers in many countries." - Hayashi Kenji, JAPAN4YOU

"肝心の音のほうは、ファンクネスを前面に押しだしたグルーヴが特徴的で、音の隙間やタメを重視しているが、こうした姿勢からは、R&Bやヒップホップの要素が窺える。この点は、シューゲイザーの影響化にあるサウンドを鳴らしがちな日本のインディー・バンドとは一線を画していると思う。そして、見た目とはかけ離れた(と言っては失礼だけど)、色気を漂わせるヴォーカルも魅力のひとつ。少し掠れた憂いのある歌声はバンドのサウンドとも相性がよく、聴き手を惹きつける存在感もある。初聴したときは、一瞬ブレッド・アンド・バターを想起してしまったが、バンドのフェイスブックには、U2やフー・ファイターズと並んで、椿屋四重奏、ザ・バンド・アパートの名前が「影響を受けたもの」で挙がっている。なるほど、これはまだまだ引きだしがありそうですね。今後の活動が楽しみ。" cookiescene.jp/2013/02/tokyolitehelloself-released.php - Masaya Kondo, COOKIESCENE JAPAN

" ある日、ジャカルタからお手紙がきました。
真剣に音楽とむきあってやってるのに わざわざタヌキで出すなんて、夢をこわしてしまうのではないかと思ったのと
家が 東京ではなく東濃だったので
私は、東濃から光をあてることにしました。" soundcloud.com/tanukineirirecords/tokyolite-hello/ - Tanukineiri Records

" とあります。わくわくしてきますね!
あまりfunk系統は詳しくないのですが、有名なあたりだとband apartのような
nengara.tumblr.com/post/48421389877/never-want-hello - Furuhama a.k.a Sleeping Flanger

"Mellow, funky, distorted and quirky. That’s the sound that the Bogor-based three-piece collective ‘Tokyolite’ is on a mission to deliver. Instead of restrict themselves into one specific brand, on the ground of funky pop, their music is a well-crafted combination of a range of sounds from funk, punk, reggae, hiphop and rock. Hitherto, they’re one of the purveyors of the best modern funk pop music from Indonesia." www.seaindie.com/blog/?p=6894 - SEA INDIE

"A debut release is the most important catalogued item for any band; it is the first impression that counts and it makes the road to success a lot less bumpy if you start the journey with a solid release. Tokyolite bring us their debut effort in the form of a five-track EP and have certainly ticked the box on creating a great first impression." musicweekly.asia/culture/artists-bands/pop/review-tokyolite-hello-ep - Music Weekly Asia

"The song that struck me most was 'Yes! Dance!' - mainly for it's unstoppable groove. Yes I like a nice groove, and when there are funk guitars and slap bass involved, it's even better. It's certainly a toe-tapper." www.yesnomusic.co.uk/2013/05/tokyolite-yes-dance.html - YES NO MUSIC

"サビや終盤にかけての盛り上がりの変化はあるが、始終温かみのあるバンドサウンドである。そして、彼らのサウンドの軸というのもこの2曲でなんとなく分かってきた様に思う。ライブ映えしそうだし、そういった場所で自分たちが影響を受けたアーティストのカバー曲を自分たちのカラーで演奏したりしてはどうだろう。そういうことがすごく似合う、そんな印象を与えてくれたシングルだった。" kikigatari.tumblr.com/post/53169528169/tokyolite-never-want-hello-from-positive-records - Triverk

Never Want MV is out! www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ho1p5Ekjk60
Never Want is a repertory music of JASRAC and Music Publishing Right is managed by FUJI PACIFIC MUSIC INC.

Copyright © 2013 Thelite Records


released February 15, 2013

Tokyolite are Alex, Guruh, and Stevan
Executive Producer : Thelite Records / Mantap Records
Producer : Alexander Bramono & Stevan Arianto
Recorded by Alex, Guruh, and Stevan @ Mantap Records Studio
Mixed and mastered by “Iphe” Topan Trianda and Yandha Krishna @ Rintop Music Studio
Photographed by Ardi Wibowo & Anton Wijaya Saputra
Designed by Stephanus Binawan Utama
Endorsed by Kwats Kwots Clothing

All music written, composed, arranged and performed by Tokyolite, except:
Coba song and lyric by Stevan Arianto
Hello song by Stevan Arianto
Hello lyric by Cindy Suryadji & Stevan
Never Want song by Alexander Bramono
Never Want lyric by Novelda Zulmi
Move It song and lyric by Alexander Bramono & Devinza Kendranata
Yes!Dance! lyric by Stevan Arianto

Synth on Coba, Move It, & Never Want by Stevan Arianto
Synth on Hello by Alexander Bramono
Sitar and Brass Sections on Yes!Dance! by Stevan Arianto & Alexander Bramono
Electric Piano by Stevan Arianto
Percussion by Guruh Haryo


Tokyolite encourages you all to buy music rather than pirate whenever possible. Especially when it comes to independent artists.




all rights reserved


Tokyolite Bogor, Indonesia

Stevan Arianto, Alexander Bramono and Bintang Aditya.

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